Tractus is a service based organization which offers a variety of leadership training programs of different duration viz. 2-days, 1-week, 1-month and 3-months. We provide specialized consulting services in the following areas - political management, policy research & advocacy, political strategy and communication, polling, campaign management, elections management, media planning, social media strategy & portal management, public relations and event management.

  • Conduct Leadership Training programs and offer Consulting services w.r.t – Political Leadership, Political management, Constituency management, Elections & Campaign management, Advocacy studies, Policy Research & Policy interventions, Parliamentary procedures, International Relations, NGO management, CSR management, Data mining & data interpretation etc.
  • Undertake Research, Surveys and Advocacy Studies in the areas of Politics, Constituency management, Elections and on various issues
  • Enable developmental programs & Initiatives in the areas of Child Illiteracy, Child labour, Gender Equality, Education, Environment, Poverty Alleviation, Health & Nutrition, Renewable Energy, Water Resources, Livelihood creation and Rural Development.
  • Organize National & International Study Tours and Student exchange programs for educational institutions & allies across the globe
  • Provide academic support and nurture, existing & upcoming educational institutions / universities globally
  • Organize Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Congresses, Conventions, Councils, Training, Lecture series and/or Group Discussions for policy makers in India & Abroad.



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