We conduct various issue based, need based & customized leadership training programs of different duration, viz. 2-days, 1-week, 1-month and 3-months. These courses are on variety of subjects & themes.

Political Leadership

Political Leadership plays a very important role in Indian democracy. Whether it is electoral politics, organizational politics or functional politics, the challenges are many. Proper training and guidance can evolve effective and efficient leaders. It involves – communication, oratory skills, personality traits, knowledge about political processes and political systems, human resource management, organizational skills etc.

Political Management

Political Management essentially deals with the intricacies involved in the micro and macro management of the political environment affecting the political systems and processes. It includes – media management, social media, public relations, campaign management, survey & research, advocacy, lobbying, fundraising and polling.

Constituency Development & Management

Constituency Development and Management is one of the fastest evolving areas in Politics. It requires learning, knowledge & experience. A well-managed constituency is key to success in politics. It involves - General Office and Staff/Volunteer Management, Handling of constituent cases, MLA Diary management, Drafting of Correspondence, Liaising with local media outlets (Newspapers, Radio, TV), Updating Constituency databases, Assisting in organisation public events, Drafting reports for Party members/staff on local & policy issues etc.

Election and Campaign Management

Election and Campaign Management is one of the most talked about but categorically less understood. For some it is crowd management, data management, fund raising, campaign and poll management. The work starts almost two-years before schedule of elections in a constituency. An initial survey followed by detailed research sets the ball rolling. This is followed by designing of election manifesto, campaign and media planning, booth strategies, filing election affidavits, pre-poll survey, exit polls etc.

Research and Advocacy Studies

Research and Advocacy have played a very important role in US, Europe and many South-East Asian countries while India is understanding its importance and relevance in politics and governance now. Advocacy is about working with people, strengthening their voices, influencing policy development and charting out cognitive responses. Advocacy can help build partnerships and influence key decisions. It’s an important tool, if one wishes to pursue policy-makers to change or reframe the policies, laws or its implementation in national/regional interest. This may include – lobbying, protests, some sort of activism, doing educative campaigns on awareness etc. Research enables unfolding of important and vital information which may be crucial to affect the change in policy or important decisions.

Social Media and Public Relations

Social media and Public Relations have always been an important component of politics and governance. Their role in a healthy democracy cannot be negated. Social media is termed as a double-edged sword hence needs careful planning and implementation. Which tools and why? What should be the budget? Whom to target? Tangible and intangible benefits. Role of media in publicity, positive and negative influence etc. are core to learning.

Legislative Affairs

Legislative Affairs is a specialized field requiring trained and experienced professionals to handle parliamentary and legislative duties for elected leaders and organizational leaders. It includes - supporting legislators in legislative drafting, legal services. Editing legislations, amendments to legislation, legal memos, and other written work. Conduct policy and legal research, draft legislative resolutions and memorials. Administrative duties include maintaining office operations, handling constituent inquiries, supervising interns or volunteers.

NGO & CSR Management

India being a vibrant democracy has many schemes and policies for people belonging to different States and Union Territories. Government and the political parties at the helm of the affairs devise & empower these but need huge manpower to implement and percolate it to the last possible beneficiary in the remotest part of the country. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) play a very vital role here. Also, while managing one’s own NGO mostly we connect with the government. Based on the issue either one will support or contradict government policies and schemes. Thus, it is of utmost importance to know the entire functioning of an NGO from conceptualizing to its functioning. Another important aspect is requirement of funds needed while working for the benefit of the society. There might be good projects but get shelved due to paucity of funds. Learning the nuances of Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR can benefit both the domains.